Best Valentine’s Day Gifts from Grandma to Grandchildren (and Children, too) 2014

itunes-giftcardThis Grandma reviewed the 2013 Valentines’ Day Gift suggestions and, while some things may remain the same, some suggestions have surely shifted.

Still and always number :

    1. YOURSELF.  If you are a local grandma, the best gift is a dinner at the restaurant of the grandchildren’s choice and/or special outing over the weekend closest to Valentine’s Day.  How do you announce it?  If it is a trip to the zoo, then print out a picture of the zoo from the internet and stick it into their card.  If you are a long distance grandma, the best gift is still a special outing.  However, it may need to wait for the next visit.  Again, announce the outing and when it will occur on the picture, and stick it into their card.

A Target Gift Card was number two in 2014  This year not so much.  Electronics have taken over the number 2 spot:

Apple or  I TUNES GIFT CARD.  Older grandchildren are into electronics.  They are always pestering their parents for Apple or I Tunes somethingThe grandchild has to pick something for the amount of money of the gift card.  One $10 or $15 gift card in the Valentine’s Day card is great.  If Grandma intends to give more than that, do it in $10 denomination gift cards.  This way Mother has several I Tunes requests covered and the grandchildren think you give them a gift every time they want I Tunes!

2. SNEAKERS.  This is the year of the sneaker.  My grandchildren covet LeBron.   Cash or a gift card toward the sneakers or a pair will bring a smile to a grandchild’s face.

The Valentine’s Day Card: Grandchildren love to get cards in the mail.  Although, I know that I should have them pay attention to the stamp now so they know about stamps, the cards I ultimately purchase are usually those that require extra postage.  I spend a lot of time selecting the cards.  Last year I sent those fabulous cards that were small stuffed hand puppets or had bracelets or charms.  This year this is what I chose:

For the Toddler:  Hallmark has teamed up with Disney and come out with cards with “Planes” theme.  He graduated from Disney “Cars.”

For the young granddaughter:  Hallmark has teamed up with Disney and come up with cards with a wearable rope band with charms, that detaches from the card.  At age seven, she has outgrown Minnie Mouse, even though my grandchildren are always in  Disney World raised by their Florida Grandma.  It can be worn as a wristband, anklet, sandal strap or more.  Yes, it is very expensive at $5.99 but it is really a gift in addition to a card.

For the young grandson:  Hallmark has teamed up with Marvel and come up with cards with superheroes.  Yes, this is a repeat theme.

For the ten year old grandson:  Hallmark, this year, produced great cards for the older grandchild.  The card I selected is  all electronics, and includes transfers, for their phone, laptop or music player.  This card is a bargain at $3.99.

For a baby, American Express or Visa gift cards are the best.  The parents can get what they need.   Babies are expensive, and a gift card to get diapers or wipes is greatly appreciated.

For the parents of the grandchildren, Grandma’s outing or dinner with the grandchildren gives them some alone time.  If Grandma really wants to be generous, the dinner can be on Valentine’s Day for the visit with the grandchildren, and Grandma can contribute to the cost of the parents’ special Valentine’s day dinner.  Otherwise, I know my children also always appreciate  Starbucks gift cards for some and Dunkin Donuts gift cards for others.  Amazing how some people just love Starbucks and others favor Dunkin Donuts!

So Valentine’s Day 201 shopping is complete with








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