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Finding Pizza in the Search for the Perfect Cookie

Grandpa and I were talking about cookies.  We were just back from seeing the grandchildren, and “cookie” is a big part of a grandparent’s vocabulary when grandchildren are around. GG (great grandmother) always brings Publix chocolate chip cookies as her signature “gift” for her great grandchildren.  Remember, for this Grandma, it is M & Ms, […]

Grandma’s Favorite Sandwich Cutters

Grandma’s house is always the place where any grandchild’s favorite sandwich is made any time when requested.  After all, a grandchild’s wish is this Grandma’s command.  To make it grandma special, I cut the sandwich (crusts removed of course) in quarters, or triangles or circles, or any other shape I happen to be pushing at […]

This Grandma Will Take “All Joy and All Fun” Any Day

Since I read, “Under Pressure,” by Andrew Solomon, in the New York Times, February , 2, 2014, I cannot get the title of the book he reviewed, “All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood,” out of my head. Yes, the book, by Jennifer Senior, is meant for parents.  Some of it is […]

Becoming a Grandma Just Became a Harder Sell

It is hard to keep quiet at the wedding.  We parents want to say something like, ‘so when can we expect to become a grandma,” but we say nothing.  Too soon.  Our sons and daughters would just roll their eyes at us.  Now we have more to worry about.  Even Jimmy Fallon is making jokes […]

Boosting Boomer Brains

We boomer grandmas are of interest to scientists lately.  First, there was a ten year review of a study on brain training, “Brain-training Can Help Older Adults Stave Off Aging Impairments, Study Finds,” detailed in the Boston Globe, January 14, 2014, by Kay Lazar: In a first-of-its kind study, researchers report Monday that older adults […]

Who Knew Newborns Should be Getting Probiotics

This Grandma recently bought probiotics for my ninety year old mother-in-law.  Who knew that newborns should also be getting probiotics. We have all dealt with the newborn that cries and cries and cries.  We grandmas love holding our newborn grandchildren, but hurt when we cannot sooth them.  The New York Times, January 16, 2014, had […]

Left Hand Makes An “L”

Sometimes the old learning tricks that we grandmas learned as children are the best.  I do not want to remember all the bunny ear tricks to teach a child to tie shoelaces.  Velcro is not the dream you think it is when toddlers keep opening Velcro and taking off their shoes. I did not enjoy […]

Carrot Cake: Enjoying Carrots Grandma Style

In the New York Times January 17, 2014, “Orange Is the New Green,” by Martha Rose Shulmam, the author tells us there is a new study that shows that orange vegetables are what we should be eating: In a recent study published by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, investigators looked […]

Grandmas Come in All Different Varieties: Stop Judging

2014 seems to be the year of bashing in-law grandparents, and the year has just started.  In the Miami Herald, January 11, 2014, Carolyn Hax writes about in-law grandparents again in, “Disappointing Grandparents, Unrealistic Dreams.”  This Grandma completely agrees with the unrealistic dreams part of the title. “Disillusioned Mama” writes: DEAR CAROLYN: What should a […]

A Grandma Who Needs Grandma Lessons

On January 10, 2014,  Carolyn Hax’s column in the Miami Herald caught my attention, “MIL Disregards Mom’s Wishes.” Wow, does this Grandma need Grandma Lessons!  In this case, however, so does Carolyn Hax. Here is what “Tired Mom” wrote: Dear Carolyn: My mother-in-law asked me for Christmas gift ideas for my 4-month-old son. I said […]

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts from Grandma to Grandchildren (and Children, too) 2014

This Grandma reviewed the 2013 Valentines’ Day Gift suggestions and, while some things may remain the same, some suggestions have surely shifted. Still and always number :     1. YOURSELF.  If you are a local grandma, the best gift is a dinner at the restaurant of the grandchildren’s choice and/or special outing over the weekend […]

Learning tricks from Grandma

This Grandma taught her eldest child to read at two years old.  Okay, for those of us who were teachers at one time, I taught her memorization and sight letters and words.  Children are sieves and playing can be teaching by grandma too.  We are not embarrassed to be silly with our grandchildren. It takes […]