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Multigenerational Families Living Together Again

The New York Times, December 15, 2013, had a lead article on”Multigenerational Families Living Together Again.  Here is what the author, Constance Rosenbloom said: With several generations in residence, the Thomas household represents a housing model that social scientists are paying a lot of attention to these days, one that grows out of a phenomenon […]

How Grandma Gets Extra Hugs and Kisses

This Grandma must admit that I can hug and kiss each grandchild a lot longer than the grandchild wants to be hugged and kissed and tolerates my hugging and kissing them.  I thought and thought and came up with the Octopus Game.  I have started with a grandchild as young as two who is the […]

Belly Art: Who Knew It is a Craze?

Every once in a while when I don’t expect a web search to turn something up, I find more than I expected.  I read an article in the January 4, 2014 Sun Sentinel, “Japanese Moms Seek ‘Belly Blessings,” by Koji Ito about a practice in Japan where artists paint on the belly of mothers-to be […]

Grandma’s bag of “D” Tricks to Avoid Discipline

Sometimes it seems as if the parents of our grandchildren forget that we raised children.  The new books with the new methods are what they love.  They are constantly reading and experimenting with discipline techniques.  That is their responsibility that this Grandma does everything to avoid, except when safety requires immediate action. I hate to […]

“Everyone Poops” and More Fun Science Picture Books for Grandma Fun

There comes a point in time when grandchildren are fixated on poop.  It seems it comes around age two or so when everyone is talking about pooping on the potty.  The parents of our grandchildren will buy all the most popular children’s books that are supposed to encourage potting training.  That is their responsibility.  This […]

Dump Cake Delicious

This Grandma is always looking for easy and fun recipes to make as an activity with grandchildren.  The easier the better is this Grandma’s mantra.  Preparation is the key.  Remember we can make recipes multipart activities by taking the grandchildren to the supermarket shopping first for the ingredients, then preparing for the cooking, then cooking […]

Pudding in the Bathtub is a Toddler Learning Experience

In the New York Times, December 23, 2013 was an article entitled, “To Smoosh Peas Is to Learn,” by Perri Klass, Md.  He says: In a study published this month in Developmental Science, 16-month-old children were taught new names for foods like jelly and syrup, then tested to see if they could connect those names […]

Begin the New Year Without Guilt for the Working Parents of Our Grandchildren

I saw a young professional mother at work.  She just came back to work after maternity leave and professed an additional stress—maternal guilt over leaving her baby daughter and not sharing significant time with her now.   This is what I told her: Your child will always know you are mommy, beginning with your smell.  Family […]

Savoring Life According to Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock was highlighted in the November 27, 2013 Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel newspaper for winning Entertainment Weekly’s 2013 entertainer of the year.  Of course, they refer to her ugly divorce at the same time she won the Oscar.  Sandra Bullock is quoted as saying, ” When people are like, life is so good, I […]

Grandma’s View on Being Only As Happy As Our Unhappiest Child

Holiday season comes and everyone seems happy. The operative word is SEEMS.  This Grandma reads every advice column and this season  was no different than past–how to deal with obnoxious relatives we really do not want to see, how to deal with estrangements in the family, how to deal with loneliness even when with others, […]

While I Still Have the Time

PBS American Masters had a television special on Marvin Hamlisch.  If you have an opportunity to watch it, it is well worth your time.  What caught my attention, in addition to his amazing talent and contribution to music, was his philosophy of “use every moment” in life.  As a child of parents who escaped Germany […]

Boomer Weekend Warriors Prepare and Do Battle

This Grandma did not exercise at all until her fifties.  I think of myself as lucky.  Those who played tennis and skied in their youth are now facing the result of those early injuries, with knee and hip replacements!  Not to say that I have not suffered injuries.  I have.  I expect to.  I know […]

Old is Younger Today

On the Today Show, Matt Lauer recently said age 60 is considered old according to a Pew Research Center study.  The people running the study must be in their twenties.  Everyone seems old when you are in your twenties.  I could not find the quote.  I am glad I could not.  I would have screamed […]

Grandma Says Buy a Doll for Your Grandson in 2014

In 2013, men could not win.  The same day, December 28, 2013, the Miami Herald had two articles about men, both about gender issues.  The first, “Are Men ‘Stuck in Gender Roles?” by Emily Alpert Reyes, says that “census data and surveys suggest the gender revolution has been lopsided, expanding roles for women but not […]

Have Everything Ready for Grandchild, Including Full Size foldable Crib

When our first grandson was born, I remembered with dismay the amount of paraphernalia with which the baby travels.  This Grandma vowed to have her home equipped with everything down to bottles, diapers and wipes every time the grandchild visited.  After all, the easier it is to travel with baby the more likely the parents […]

The 2014 Top Five Box Office Movie Winners For Grandchildren and Whether Grandchildren Should Actually See Them

People Magazine, December 22, 2014, listed the top 10 box office winning movies for 2014. Most of them, if not all of them, seem to be geared to the children or preteen or teenagers. The top 5 clearly are for children. This Grandma is concerned. Some are clearly for children but some seem to have […]

Of Donuts and Cronuts and Grandma

My ten year grandson joined me to run errands during his recent visit to Florida.  As we were on our way to “Whole Foods” for healthy items, we passed Krispy Kreme Donuts.  I said, “look, the sign is lit that there are fresh, hot donuts at Krispy Kreme.”  He looked quizzical. I then remembered he […]