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Most Fascinating and Intriguing People of 2013

Barbara Walter’s television special was about the ten most fascinating people of 2013. People magazine had a special edition of the25 most intriguing people of 2013.  My husband and I were discussing the lists and wondered: were the definitions different or the same. It turns out that intriguing is more interesting than fascinating.  Merriam-Webster Dictionary […]

“Ustyme:” I Pad App Perfect for Long Distance Interactive Games between Grandma and Grandchild

Just when I finished reading about young children and Ipads, again, in the New York Times, November 18, 2013, K.J. Dell’Antonia, wrote “The New iPad App You’ll Want Grandma to Download.”  Okay, we get it.  The internet is the place to connect with grandchildren. I sent the article to my daughter of our youngest grandchildren, […]

Parents Should Embrace Electronics for their Children — with Rules

October 28, 2013, the New York Times had an article titled, “New Milestone Emerges: Baby’s First iPhone App,” by Tamar Lewin.  She writes about a study concerning the use of electronics by small children, and says: . . . .As adults turn, increasingly, to mobile devices like tablets, Kindles, and iPhones, their children – even […]

”Kimye” As Barbara Walter’s People of the Year

The Sun Sentinel has a great column, “Late Night Humor,” reprinting late night television hosts’ best lines.  December 12, 2013, Jay Leno was quoted as saying, “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are among Barbara Walter’s “10 most fascinating people of 2013.  In a related story, Barbara has been named one of the “10 most easily […]

The Case for Hiring Household Cleaning Help

In the New York Times, Sunday ,December 8, 2013, was an opinion piece that could only have been written by a man.  The title was, “The Case for Filth,” and, of course, it was written by a man, Stephen Marche, who has the gall to be writing a book about the end of the gender […]

Best 2013 “Secret Santa,” “Stocking” or “Grab Bag” Holiday gifts under $20 and under $50

This morning the Today Show hosts picked “Secret Santa” cards and then proceeded to give a list of best gifts under $20 or so.  I hated them all. The best inexpensive gift for holiday 2013 is one that meets our times.  Everyone is dieting.  Everyone is trying to eat and drink healthy.  Everyone is concerned […]

How Can Anyone Not Want Grandchildren

“How Can Anyone Not Want Grandchildren,” was the subject of an email that was passed on to me today (one of those string emails that keeps getting forwarded and forwarded) from a long (we never say old) grandma friend.  Many photographs were included.  You can see most of them on a google link. The ones […]

Promoting Coding Grandchildren

Sometimes, this Grandma thinks that technology is moving faster than our society can keep up.  Most of the time, I am surprised at the next best electronic thing that arrives that I did not know I could not live without until I owned it. Now, it seems, we are out unless we learn the how […]

Hair and Nails Define Grandma

GG (Great Grandma), my mother, was very vain.  She never left the house without hair and makeup done.  She wore Ponds cold cream as a mask every night. I thought this was over the top when I was young.  I am learning more as I age.  She died with beautiful young looking skin and looking […]

“Back to Brooklyn” with Barbra Streisand

The opening song Barbra Streisand sang in her television special, “Back to Brooklyn” reminded me that my first home in America was in Brooklyn.  My parents came to America with me as the only family they had left in the world after surviving the Holocaust.  This was before my father found a surviving brother and […]

Pay Attention, “Shop Local” and Amazon

This holiday season, commercials touting “shop local” affected this Grandma.  I went in person to our local Learning Express, the best location to buy Oppenheimer Toy Award Winners.  I took my I phone to compare on line prices at the store, as recommended by all the newspaper articles on holiday shopping.  However, Amazon lived up […]

”Delivery Man” of the New Extended Family

At a cocktail party recently, the movie, “Delivery Man,” with Vince Vaughn, was the topic of discussion.  The premise is that a man, in his youth, donated a great deal of sperm, which led to 500 plus women being impregnated.  More than one hundred of the children born are suing the sperm bank to learn […]

Downsizing is More Expensive Than you Think

Grandpa and I were really among the first.  We thought about downsizing before we were eligible for AARP (for the youngsters reading this post,  that is age 50).  We knew we wanted to be close to the ocean and that is expensive.  We knew we would only be able to find something smaller.  We were […]

On Sharing Grandma’s Views on Spanking

We always knew it.  Spanking a child does no good.  It is usually done when a parent is angry and is a wrong teaching moment.  Now we have proof.  A new study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics, and reported in the Sun-Sentinel, October 23, 2013, “Study:  Spanking Leads to Aggression, Lower Word Scores.  […]

Grandma Uses Her Fingers With Grandchildren

This Grandma just heard from other grandparents that this generation of grandchildren using electronics makes the grandchildren nimble with their fingers, as well as helps them focus.  So there are some good things about grandchildren and electronics, other than they are a lifesaver when we take grandchildren to restaurants. I like the old fashioned ways […]