More UK Clothing Fit for Our Royalty, Or Not

UK ClothingIn time for the holidays, we hear about more United Kingdom baby clothing fit for our royalty.  This Grandma thinks celebrities are our royalty and what they have, we covet.  What they wear, we want to wear.  If they dress their children in a brand, it must be the newest and best.  Of course, we must take a look.

In the Miami Herald, November 18, 2013, Madeleine Marr, the author, tells us that baby, North West, was with her parents in a park in Santa Barbara, California, and the most important news is what she was wearing.  You can tell that this author does not follow the Kardashians or she would have referred to the baby as “Nori,” as we have learned she is being called.  Five month old Nori was wearing cashmere, a cardigan and leggings from Hucklebones, a UK brand.  The author said Hucklebones is “known for its close attention to tailoring and comfort.”  What about cleaning?  Five month olds still spit up!

So this Grandma went to the website listed in the article.  Amazing, how my attention went to this article first, before “real” news.  I guess real news is just depressing.

If you go to Huckle bones site you see the British styling, if you can call British clothing stylish.  The prices are in British pounds!  There is free shipping if you spend 150 British pounds!  That is $241.65.  And what can you get for that price?  The cardigan Nori was wearing was 62 pounds, $99.88!  The onesie underneath was also 62 pounds. $200 for a five month old baby outfit!  We surely cannot copy our royalty.  This Grandma could buy an entire baby layette for less than $200.

More important.  How does one take care of this cashmere we are thinking of putting on a baby? We learn it is not really cashmere, but WOOL also:

Content: 20% cashmere, 80% merino.

 Hand wash or Machine wash at 30ºC on a delicate knitwear cycle. Reshape while damp, dry flat. Do not Bleach. Do not Tumble Dry. Cool Iron. Fasten before cleaning.

Is it itchy?  Could the baby tell us?

This purchase is too much trouble.  Who knows what 30 degrees centigrade is!  I guess it is only for those who have others to keep looking on the internet for conversion charts and others to care for the clothing.  But, probably, now that the outfit is all over the news, Nori will probably wear the outfit only once.  After all, she is a Kardashian.

If you are REALLY interested in Hucklebones and do not want to bother with conversion charts, there is an American website, which calls itself “The Premier Kids Department Store,” Alex and Alexa, which carries Hucklebones, and describes the children’s clothing line as:

Created and designed from their in-house fashion studio in London, Hucklebones produces stunning clothing for girls aged between 3 months and ten years. Each piece is made with well invested design to create beautiful heirloom clothing that can be passed from generation to generation. Attention to detail is paramount in order to maintain the integrity and innocence of these childhood treasures.

Aha!  The British keep things forever.  We Americans are the throwaway country.  I know I would not want a spit up stained sweater handed down.  I guess premier British children do not spit up or their nannies get the spit up out of the clothing.

Too much work for this Grandma.  Good old washable disposable American baby clothes for my grandchildren are what I look for.  They just need to last to be handed down from cousin to cousin in this generation.






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