Zoomer, the Robotic Dog, the Number One Toy for Christmas 2013

ZoomerOur grandchildren each requested Zoomer, the Dog, as a present for the holidays.  Zoomer is a trainable robotic dog at the “reasonable” price of around $80.  It is not on the Oppenheimer Toys Best Toy list.  It is however, advertised as the Number One Toy for Christmas 2013.  Most websites only allow you to buy one, anticipating that this toy is going to sell out.

Before I spend $80 on a toy, especially one not listed as a best toy, this Grandma does research.  I first watched the YouTube video put on by the promoter.  After all, they want to show off the best features of the toy.  Take a look for yourselves:  Zoomer

Zoomer, the Dog, is a dud.  It did not seem to understand the commands most of the time the first time around.  And, like a real dog, it takes a lot of work to train.

This Grandma then went to reviews on various websites.  It seems that Zoomer, the Dog, is fragile.  It breaks easily.  If it is dropped, it may be all over for Zoomer, the Dog.  Zoomer, the Dog, it seems, may not last until the credit card bill to pay for it comes in the mail.

It seems to this Grandma that Zoomer, the Dog, is most appropriate for the adult who craves a real dog, lives in an apartment that does not allow animals, and has no children.  If you have to buy something for that grandchild in his or her twenties who has everything, Zoomer, the Dog, is it!

This Grandma never says no to Zoomer, the Dog, for her grandchildren age 10 and under.  So, how do I get out of buying Zoomer, the Dog, for this holiday season?

I am going to tell the Mothers of our grandchildren that I will buy other $80 toys and they, if they want to waste their money, they can buy Zoomer, the Dog, as one of their holiday gifts.  It will be they who will be suffering the whining of little children, if they don’t buy it or if they do, and it breaks in a day.








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