Adult Wipes A “Flushing” Discussion

WipesIt just never occurred to this Grandma, even after four grandchildren and ten years’ grandma experience.  I never thought of the idea to use baby wipes as an adult to be “baby behind ” clean.  Apparently, this is the discussion for the moment.  Yes, you can find forums, blogs, articles, and more on the Internet on many sides (yes, beyond belief, there ARE many sides) in this discussion.  I love the internet.

I love the argument that being an adult means using toilet paper.  Really! I think I can find more significant characteristics of what makes one an adult.

I love the argument that, if they are made for babies, the baby wipes must be the softest, so why pay attention to toilet paper commercials when using wipes is more luxurious.   It reminds me of some distant “city folk” family members who appeared on “Family Feud” and were asked to name a luxury to have on a vacation.  We were not surprised the family members lost.  The most popular answer was something like outhouse or bathroom.

I love the advice that the wipes are cheaper than using toilet paper.  This was a hilarious forum entry where someone was a visitor in a home and there was no toilet paper and only baby wipes, so she used them, inquired why there was no toilet paper, and got that answer.

I love the advice of buying flushable adult wipes.  I guess the “baby wipe” manufacturers caught on to the forums, blogs, articles, and more on the Internet and realized there was an untapped market to target.

Here’s advice I did not read about.  Maybe, an “adult” should be a “combiner” and use both, toilet paper first and then an adult wipe for that “baby behind” clean?

I tried the adult wipes.  I guess I should try another brand before I make an ultimate decision.  I do have to compare price of flushable baby wipes and the flushable adult wipes and see if our target market is being charged more or given a “senior discount.”

Ah, is this the future of targeted advertising that companies want us to pay attention to? I do not think I am ready to be bombarded with advertising for adult wipes. I wonder what disclaimers they might add.  Are we going to be warned of possible rashes?

“Baby” in the title is what puts a smile on this Grandma’s face. “Forever young” is.





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