The “Secret” Disney Perfect Multigenerational Vacation at the Disney Vero Beach Resort Part I: Reservations

Vero BeachA year ago, this Grandma went on a hunt for a perfect multigenerational retreat for GG’s 90th birthday.  Everything seemed to point to a resort close to home, as a matter of fact, almost equally between South Florida and Orlando.  Orlando is important because of two main attractions, anything Disney (or Universal for older grandchildren) and Orlando airport airfares.  As an airplane hub, there are always airline fare deals to Orlando.

This time, though, Orlando played second fiddle to a seeming remote location for Disney, the Disney Vero Beach Resort.  When I inquired of anyone if they had ever heard of it, I was met with “never heard of it” or “heard it is an amazing secret Disney haven for families somewhere on the ocean in Vero Beach.”  There were many words that caught my eye: “amazing,” and “secret” and “Disney” and “haven” and “for families” and “on the ocean.”

I immediately went on the website.

Here is what they say:

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort offers a Mickey Mouse-shaped swimming pool, one of two pools built by Disney with shaped like this. The pool is flanked by Pirate’s Plunge pool slide. The pool is surrounded by Port Holes Miniature Golf (a nine-hole Peter Pan-themed miniature golf course), Community Hall (an air-conditioned room with board games, table tennis, and arts and crafts), Anchors’ A-Weigh fitness center, Blinker’s Arcade, Eb and Flo’s rentals, and Rub Dubs massage. A complete resort activities program targeted at families is offered daily. Beach equipment rentals are provided by an on-site partner. A volleyball court, soccer field, fishing pier, lighted tennis courts, and a basketball hoop are located on the western half of the property, which can be accessed through a passage under highway A1A.

Here’s a resort map

Yes, it is as it shows, it is a beachy and barefoot, beachfront casual resort with activities galore, from early morning nature walks, to kayaking, sailing, surfing, jetskiing, to swimming in the pool or the ocean, and enjoying the outdoor play areas and pool until 11 pm, when these lights that make it seem like early dusk until 11 pm, are shut off.

I immediately called and it was sold out over a year in advance!  I went back to research for someplace else but was drawn back to the combination of “amazing,” and “secret” and “Disney” and “haven” and “for families” and “on the ocean.”

One day about eight months ago, GG was visiting for the weekend and I lamented that the Disney Vero Beach Resort was sold out.  She said to call and she would speak with them.  GG told the agent that her 90th birthday was coming up and she wanted to spend it with her entire multigenerational family at the Disney Vero Beach Resort.  The Disney representative asked our dates and miraculously there was a cancellation for two cottages on the beach!  In typical GG fashion, she asked the cancellation policy because, as she told the Disney agent, she was 89 years old after all.  A six day cancellation policy confirmed the reservation.

Be forewarned, it is VERY difficult to get a reservation at the Disney Vero Beach Resort.

Now, onto planning our stay among the wonderful choices for activities for the entire family!



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