Halloween Stories from Grandma

Hallooween StoriesAs a long distance grandma, this Grandma looks for ways to make holidays special and be present with a present.  This year, Oppenheimer Toy Awards, this Grandma’s go to source for toys, books and videos, has two recommendations for Halloween for our young preschool and early school age grandchildren:

Julius’s Candy Corn  (by Kevin Henkes, HarperCollins $6) Click here to buy:

Julius is waiting for his friends to come to his Halloween party. Well, maybe not waiting exactly. He’s admiring the cupcakes and counting the candy corn on each. Oh-oh he’s done more than count that candy corn! After you share this a few times, have your little one tell you the story from the pictures.

The second award winner is a DVD of Halloween stories, great for giving the working parents a short respite while making dinner:

Storybook Treasures: The Halloween Stories Collection, Vol. 2 (  Scholastic $24.99) Click here to buy , described as:

Looking for some safe scare entertainment for Halloween? Bring home this collection of 14 stories on three DVD’s. These mostly animated storybooks are totally narrated, but you can show them with text that young readers can follow on screen. Among the favorites in the collection are: The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, Teeny-Tiny and the Witch-Woman, The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night,and The Boy With Two Shadows, among others.

Or Volume 1, or both.  Click here:

If we grandmas cannot be there in person, we can always send something for our grandchildren to enjoy.

Happy Halloween!





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