”Shielding” Grandchildren

ShieldThis Grandma must admit she did not pay attention to a segment on the Today Show about backpack shields.  It caused a pit in my stomach.  Not because the idea is not a good  one in today’s world, but how is one to explain to a young child what to do with it and why the young child had to have it.  Yes, we know about the “bad person” and “stranger” talks that the parents of our grandchildren must have with the children today.  But how much do we “shield” the children from the harsh realities of life in the twenty first century?

When I discussed this backpack shield with Grandpa, he pointed out the obvious.  The grandchildren go to a school that now has a visible armed guard after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.  Homeland Security came to their school and did a security assessment.  The grandchildren have already been through drills and have instructions as to what to do if . . . .

So, Grandpa says having the shield might make the grandchildren feel more secure in having one more tool in their arsenal of protection.  The military words just come too easy.

Then I thought of the obvious.  What did our preschool age four year old boy and five year old girl grandchildren want when the movie, The Avengers, was out?  An Avengers Captain America mask and shield! Click here for your superheroes buff.  The grandchildren still play with the mask and shield a year later when they go into their pretend box of clothes and costumes.  They know what to do with a shield.

Then, this grandma looked into reviews of such backpack shields.  On one website, they advertise that the brand they carry is the one advertised on the Today Show.  but I could not find the backpack kind and the most inexpensive shield is $109.  Searching the internet got me to Back Pack Shield site.  Here is what they advertise:

The Backpack Shieldtm is a lightweight bullet resistant backpack insert designed by an experienced ballistic engineer and concerned parent. It’s meant to protect adults’ and children’s lives in situations involving an active shooter.  It can be used as a bullet blocker or protective backpack shield that resists penetration to virtually all hand gun fired rounds/bullets* and knife attacks.

A bullet proof * backpack from Backpackshieldtm is the highest level IIIA ballistic resistance for handgun bullets. Contact us for a copy of the Independent Laboratory Report by HP White Laboratories on the bullet blocking resistance of the Backpack Shieldtm insert.

As a bullet resistant shield it can block handgun bullets from 357 and 44 Magnum, 40 caliber to 9 mm rounds. The protective backpack insert can be used in many popular commercially available backpacks. The Backpack Shield tm provides a laboratory proven (HP White Laboratory Report available) and field-tested bulletproof shield for thousands of stylish backpacks (see ballistics).

Discretely carried by USA Federal Air Marshalls when traveling. What does that tell you?

The bullet stopping BACKPACKSHIELD tm fits all your regular rectangular shaped with arched top backpacks (12″ wide x 17″ or larger) commonly found at Walmart, Target, Academy, Cabella’s, Bass Pro etc stores. videoiconshield_dk1.gif is made in the USA not a Weaker Cheap China Ripoff (often called ballistic nylon). Virtually No Ball-Peen hammer hit/penetration effect with the BACKPACK SHEILD tm. Competitors often use a looser multi layer fabric liner. Its more subject to rapid deeper impact, cave-in pocketing “bullet proof vest” style insert (broken ribs, may knock the wind out of you). Like the name says – The BACKPACK SHIELD tm  is much more of a “Shield”.

Okay, maybe that justifies a price over double the last website.  I think.  I have no idea what the above means.  Is it good enough for the types of guns used already?

Aha.  I am the Grandmother.  My grandma responsibility is to inform the parents of my grandchildren about what I find available.  I do not have the responsibility to raise the grandchildren and make decisions for their health and welfare.  How wonderful.

This Grandma wishes I could just “shield” the precious grandchildren from all of the harsh realities of the world in which we live and not have to think about actual shields!




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