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The “Secret” Disney Perfect Multigenerational Vacation at the Disney Vero Beach Resort Part I: Reservations

A year ago, this Grandma went on a hunt for a perfect multigenerational retreat for GG’s 90th birthday.  Everything seemed to point to a resort close to home, as a matter of fact, almost equally between South Florida and Orlando.  Orlando is important because of two main attractions, anything Disney (or Universal for older grandchildren) […]

Long Distance Grandparents Combining Holidays for Double Joy: Thanksgiving and Christmas or Chanukah

A long friend lamented that she was going to see her young (fourteen months granddaughter and four month grandson—yes, her son and daughter-in-law thought breastfeeding was enough birth control) for Thanksgiving and not Christmas.  I reminded her that long distance grandparenting means being creative.  I suggested that she bring out the Christmas tree during Thanksgiving.  […]

Halloween Stories from Grandma

As a long distance grandma, this Grandma looks for ways to make holidays special and be present with a present.  This year, Oppenheimer Toy Awards, this Grandma’s go to source for toys, books and videos, has two recommendations for Halloween for our young preschool and early school age grandchildren: Julius’s Candy Corn  (by Kevin Henkes, […]

Cole Haan Gets Grandma

This Grandma opened the cover of the September 23, 2013 New York Magazine and got hit with a picture on the left  of a model with the words “Born in 1928” across the center of the picture.  The picture on the right is a close up.  This is not an airbrushed teenager picture.  This is […]

A Modern Day College Educated Nanny

This Grandma finds that the parents of my grandchildren, and many of the children of the grandmas she knows, fit the profile of the professionals and parents in the September 20, 2013 segment on “Modern Day Mary Poppins,” found also at NBC News. However, are they looking for “Mary Poppins?” Wikipedia describes Mary Poppins as: […]

”Shielding” Grandchildren

This Grandma must admit she did not pay attention to a segment on the Today Show about backpack shields.  It caused a pit in my stomach.  Not because the idea is not a good  one in today’s world, but how is one to explain to a young child what to do with it and why […]

”Tooth Fairy Inflation” Helps Grandma Give Gifts that Teach Finance

The funniest story in our family about the tooth fairy is when our daughter did not have a bill less than $20 the night our grandchild lost a tooth.  She left a note from the tooth fairy with the $20 bill that said the tooth fairy needed change and this was an advance toward the […]

What does what Teenagers are Doing Have to Do with Grandma?

As I was wondering why my brother would send me and the parents of our grandchildren all under ten years old,  an article entitled, “Parents Beware: 11 Dangerous Teenage Trends All Parents Should Know About: Teens are using drugs and alcohol in scary new ways,” it came to me. The bad memories of having raised […]

Of Frank Sinatra and Justin Timberlake

Anything with multigenerational in the title catches my eye, and the hook of “The Enduring, Multigenerational Appeal of Justin Timberlake,” by Michael Hirshorn,  in the New York Times, on line, September 12, 2013, was no exception.  Mr. Hirshorn compares Justin Timberlake to Frank Sinatra: He sings, he dances, he acts, and he’s not afraid to […]

Grandma’s Six Tips on Getting Grandchildren to Clean Up

Teaching Clean up is a responsibility of parents.  One of the joys of grand parenting is that we do not have the responsibility to teach grandchildren anything, although we always seem to—with fun attached. There are no rules at this Grandma’s house, except those related to safety.  This Grandma never says no.  If a grandchild […]

Grandma’s Strategies for Saving Money So there is More to Spend on Grandchildren

This Grandma is always looking to save money.  I want to have more money to spend on my grandchildren!  And, if I save money on what I buy for me and them, I can buy the grandchildren more! o when I saw the article in the Miami Herald, September 14, 2013, “Spending Smart, Strategies for […]

Grandma Essential Baby Supplies: Throw a Shower for a First Time Grandma!

This Grandma remembers how hard it is to be a parent.  Lugging all of the paraphernalia for a visit or trip anywhere is a chore.  Being a long distance grandma, I decided that I would make it very easy for the parents of our grandchildren to visit.  I personally think it makes the parents of […]

The Grandma Dilemna of Definition of Grandchildren: Children’s Relationships with Partners Who Have Children

September 4, 2013, in the Miami Herald, Carolyn Hax, answered a question about grandparenting common in our era, “Grandma Struggling with Values,” the dilemna of children’s relationships with partners who have children.  Are they our “grandchildren?” Here is the question posed to Carolyn Hax: Dear Carolyn: Over the years, I’ve read numerous complaints about grandparents […]

Of Grandkids’ and Cats’ Names

The New York Times, Sunday, September 8, 2013 had an article about New York baby names and listed the most popular as Jayden and Isabella.  Laura Wattenberg, whose website is “The Baby Name Wizard,” was interviewed by the author, Jessica Gross.  Apparently, vowels are popular and influential, with Jayden having a long “a” sound.  Interestingly, […]