Halloween Costumes are a Great Grandma Gift

Hallooween CostumeBeing a long distance grandma, this Grandma looks for ways to be there in person for significant times in the grandchildren’s lives.  Grandchildren love Halloween.  Candy, of course!  Whether a grandma lives far or near, Halloween may not be able to be shared in person with grandchildren, or a grandma may not want to personally go door to door with grandchildren or parents may want this “special” day to be their own.  Whatever the reason grandma is not going to be in person at Halloween, grandma can still be that special person there.  Just buy the costume your grandchild covets!  Grandchildren remember when grandmas buy them something they dearly want.  If you are near, go with the grandchild to pick out the costume.

Halloween is one holiday where there are costumes at every price range.  However, this Grandma has always been concerned about safety of the fabric of Halloween costumes, and suggests you go with brands you know.  To justify the extra cost this might mean, this Grandma likes to “amortize” certain gifts, meaning the costumes can be handed down to the younger grandchildren or put in a “dress up” box for pretend play at other times of the year.  Here are some suggestions by age group:

Older Grandchildren.  Grandma can be a hero here, getting an older grandchild just what they want.  Be careful, however, and be sure that the parents approve of the costume.  Grandma does not want to get caught buying a costume that has a second meaning that is beyond Grandma’s knowledge, like slang for drug dealer!  Older Grandchildren want very elaborate costumes that are “of the moment” and not likely to be passed down, so consider costume rental.  Grandma can get an elaborate costume at a cheaper price.  The Halloween costume rental places seem to spring up in every community in October.  Grandma can consider on line costume rental and forward sites to grandchildren to dialogue with them.  There is even a website that reviews and rates the various on line costume rental sites:

School Age Grandchildren.  This Grandma gives the same caveat as for older grandchildren.  Grandchildren are more sophisticated than we realize with the bombardment of media.  Beyond that caveat, let the school age grandchild pick the costume of his or her dreams.  Halloween can be a catalyst for telephone calls and emails between grandchild and Grandma exploring ideas.  This Grandma loves the costumes by Chasing Fireflies.  Yes, they are expensive but they are amazing.  Check out  Pottery Barn Kids is this Grandma’s second recommended go to place for Halloween costumes for school age children.  They have glow in the dark costumes and even costumes of characters from Dr. Seuss books.  Check out  Pottery Barn kids.


Preschoolers.  This Grandma loves to see preschoolers in pajama costumes.  Halloween riles children up and it is difficult to get the child to bed on Halloween night, much less to take off the coveted costume!  Sugar high! Getting a pajama costume is a win-win, and the parents of your grandchildren will thank you.  Again, the best are at Chasing Fireflies.  They even have dolls and teddy bears that can have matching costumes, to go along with the gifted pajama costumes.


Pottery Barn Kids is this Grandma’s second recommended go to place for Halloween costumes for preschoolers.  They have the great “dress-up” costumes for firefighter, astronaut, superheroes (remember preschool is super hero time).  Check out .


Don’t forget the Disney characters.  The Disney Store has inexpensive costumes for all the Disney characters that easily transition into pretend play costumes!

My granddaughter was into Belle and the Belle costume was inexpensive, until we added shoes and accessories!

Babies.  This is where grandma can be the hero to the parents of the grandchildren.  Money is usually tight for baby’s first Halloween.  Let the parents select the costume and grandma pays.  This Grandma sprung for the requested pea in a pod costume. OMG did the baby grandson look so cute.  I still have the picture.  Click here to buy for less than $20:


Pottery Barn Kids has the cutest teddy bear costume, or elephant, lamb, owl, shark, butterfly fairy or bunny.  Even their pumpkin and witch costume for babies are fabulous.

Remember to collect the pictures of the precious grandchildren for their annual photograph album.  Keep at least one picture for display.  Share the pictures with other grandmas with



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