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”Big Fish” Big Broadway Message

Grandpa and I just returned from New York City and blitzing Broadway musicals.  The musical, “Big Fish,” just opened in previews and we saw the second performance of this big Broadway play with its big Broadway message.  I predict it will win Tonys—lots of them.  This Grandma recommends taking grandchildren to “Pippin” and “Matilda” and […]


Immortality is the topic of the moment, with a new survey released August, 2013.  This Grandma paid no attention to the articles at the beginning of the month, then noted more titles, then started reading about the study and results.  I almost felt worn down.  This is a topic this Boomer Grandma had not thought […]

Cornbread Made with Grandchildren

All of a sudden, barbeque restaurants are the rage.  Dinosaur (yes, dinosaur) Barbeque in Harlem seems to have led the craze.  They have opened in Connecticut and our grandchildren have discovered cornbread and love it.  So this Grandma went looking for a quick and easy recipe of course, which I found on This recipe […]

Back to School Shopping with Face Time

It is the most fun for this long distance Grandma to go back to school shopping with grandchildren in person.   When we visited this summer, we went early school supply shopping so we could share the experience with our soon to be kindergartener. But, even long distance, we can go back to school shopping with […]

Back to School Backpacks Going “Green”

On the Today Show, Sunday, August 23, 2013 was someone from a company called “Terracycle.”  From its website: TerraCycle upcycles and recycles traditionally non-recycable waste (including drink pouches, chip bags, tooth brushes and many more) into a large variety of consumer products. These products keep waste out of our landfills and contribute to a cleaner […]

”Grandma No Baby-sitter”

“Grandma No Baby-sitter,” is the title of a Dear Abby column that was in the Miami Herald, August 8, 2013.  Grandpa and I always say we are NOT baby-sitters.  We visit with and spend time with our grandchildren.  However, the grandma that wrote Dear Abby means more: Dear Abby: I’m a 60 year old grandmother […]

Halloween Costumes are a Great Grandma Gift

Being a long distance grandma, this Grandma looks for ways to be there in person for significant times in the grandchildren’s lives.  Grandchildren love Halloween.  Candy, of course!  Whether a grandma lives far or near, Halloween may not be able to be shared in person with grandchildren, or a grandma may not want to personally […]

Try a Crispy Kale Trick with Grandchildren

This Grandma loves kale.  Yes, it took a new farm to table restaurant to introduce me to kale caesar salad and a friend to give me a crispy kale recipe.  It seems kale is one of the oldest new miracle foods.  In New York Magazine, July 29- August 5, 2013, author Alex Morris writes, “What […]

Halloween as a Holiday for Grandma to Teach Charity

When my brother and I were children, Halloween was a time for a lesson in thankfulness that we had enough to eat.  Our refrigerator and pantry were always filled to the brim because our parents had suffered grave hunger in their youth in the Holocaust.  My mother said she weighed 70 pounds when she became […]

WebMD Baby 101 App For I Phone and I Pod Touch

WebMD did a survey that shows new parents want more information to care for their babies so they created WebMD Baby 101, a free mobile app.  WebMD Baby content was created exclusively for the app and is personalized for a baby’s specific age, helping to ensure new parents are one step ahead of their baby’s […]

Encouraging Grandchildren’s Bad Habits

In the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, Sunday, August 11, 2013 was an article entitled, “Bad Habits That Can Actually Be Good For You.”  This Grandma was shocked to see that the bad habits she has been encouraging for grandchildren are actually good for them! The first bad habit listed was “chewing gum.”  All the stores […]

Bringing Grandma Happiness

This Grandma recently went to a conference where the leader’s speech was about happiness.  She said entire fields of study have emerged to research what makes us happy.  Surprisingly, she said money has little correlation to happiness for those persons whose income is greater than $75,000 a year and there is no discernible difference in […]

When Did this Grandma become her Mother and Daughters?

More and more, when this Grandma looks in the mirror, she sees her mother.  It is interesting because all my life I was told that I look like my father.  When we look at newborn babies they change by the minute.  Babies and young children change who they look like frequently.  I guess I must […]

The Toy Craze of Summer 2013

This Grandma saw the “Rainbow Loom” at Learning Express when buying holiday presents.  At that time, there were parents and children asking for instructions and commenting how hard it was to use the loom.  Not so much this summer.  Our nearly ten year old grandchild came home from sleep away camp totally hooked.  The seven […]

Sippy Cup Culture

Everything these days is a “culture,” an indispensable part of life.  So in the “Who Made That?”  innovation column in the New York Times, we learn that there is a “sippy cup culture” and that the sippy cup was designed in 1988 by a father, Richard Belanger, also a mechanical engineer, who was tired of […]

Grandma’s View on “Opting-Out” and Returning to the Workforce

Ten years ago, Lisa Belkin, an author for the New York Times, wrote an article on the “opt-out revolution” about the women who left their jobs in that decade to be stay-at-home moms.  In a recent article by Judith Warner, “Moms at work: Opt-out generation wants back in,” Ms. Warner follows up on that phenomenon […]

Grandma’s View on When the Expense of Parenting Ends

When our youngest left for college, Grandpa and this Grandma  immediately sold the family home, to the dismay of the children, and moved to an apartment in the city we had coveted living in since we moved to Florida.  When our youngest asked which room was hers, we said none.  We told her we had […]