Grandparenting Skills are a Gift

99223680The Sun Sentinel on Sunday, June 30, 2013, had an article entitled, “Years Fade Away When Girl Learns About Life from her Grandfather.”  Of course, it caught this Grandma’s eye.  Lee Hill Kavanaugh writes about what Kathleen Hall-Meyer’s  ten year old daughter has gained by visiting her grandfather in his Senior Living Center once a week and what grandfather has learned from his granddaughter.  The Mother told the author, “people underestimate the power of grandparents.”  The author quotes Ms. Hall-Meyer as saying her father’s parenting/grand parenting skills are a gift.

Grandpa and I are lucky.  Our daughters do not underestimate the power and skills of us as grandparents.

Grandpa is always looked upon with wonder by the grandchildren because he can swallow 8-10 pills at once.  This Grandma also looks at Grandpa in wonder that he is able to accomplish this feat.  Sometimes I wonder how he does not gag.  I know the grandchildren wonder too as they watch with their mouths open!  When our eldest grandson had to swallow a pill and was having difficulty, his mother called upon Grandpa to teach him how to swallow a pill.  Grandpa rose to the task and in short order the grandchild proudly showed his new skill.

Our granddaughter wanted to learn how to needlepoint.  This Grandma has not done needlepoint in decades, but I guess it is like riding a bike, not that I am proficient at riding a bike.  We practiced together and I must admit that our granddaughter has her late GG’s skill at beautiful needlepoint.

We grandparents have more time and patience to pass along skills and information.  We seem to be calmer and encouraging in a fashion that is different than parents.  And, we can pass along family history and history about their parents as children along with skills.  Bringing joy to grandchildren is grandparent



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