Bandaids as Grandparent Gifts

51ZrmV1RGRL._SY450_AA450_PIbundle-3,TopRight,0,0_AA450_SH20_This Grandma is always looking for inexpensive gifts to bring to grandchildren when I visit.  One gift I found to be very welcome by parents and grandchildren alike are novelty band aids.  Parents hate to spend money for novelty band aids, which are more expensive than the plain tan band aids.  Children love novelty band aids.

It is amazing the variety of novelty band aids.  Whatever your grandchildren are into at the moment there is a band aid for it.  There are Disney Pixar Cars, Angry Birds, Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, Barbie, Hello Kitty, Star Wars and more.  There are choices for every age of grandchild.

Novelty band aids range from about $2.50 to $15.  Take a look. Click here.

When the grandchildren get older than about eight, go from character band aids if they are done with that, to colorful or theme bandaids. There are colors, neon glow in the dark, glitter, and even bacon or mac n’ cheese looking bandaids.  See link above.  As the grandchildren get older still, go for uniqueness.  Older kids love the liquid bandaids, especially the spray on bandaids.  Click here.

When you are planning your next visit, ask the grandchild what characters are his or her favorites at the moment and what television shows they are watching at the moment.  You will be surprised at the list.  Then look for the bandaids.  The wonderful thing about bringing band aids on a visit is that they are small packages!

The cutest thing is that when you give the grandchild the box of bandaids, no matter the age, he or she will immediately begin examining their arms and legs for bruises and cuts and show you all the reasons they need to use all the bandaids in the box right then.  After the first time, I try to limit them to four bandaids when they open the box and convince them to save the rest for the next bruise or cut.  Grandchildren always look cute but look cuter still covered with bandaids.  Be ready with the camera to preserve the moment with.





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