Making Music with Grandchildren with the Tony-b Machine

ehr_bor_rou_shaThis Grandma thinks she is internet proficient.  However, when grandchildren hit the internet, they take it to a whole new dimension!  Our nearly ten year old grandson discovered the Tony-b Machine.  He loves writing songs, so, I guess, in his internet searches, he found this on-line musical synthesizer that supposedly makes making music easy.  However, I did not hear about the Tony-b Machine from him as he left for sleep away camp.  Apparently, he taught his younger sister before he left.  Our nearly seven year old granddaughter sent me a song she wrote with the Tony-b Machine by email!  Then she explained Tony-b, sort of.  She is an expert.  This Grandma, on the other hand, needs help!

Here is what I read on the internet about the Tony-b Machine:

Mix drums, bass, melody and sound samples with the Tony-B Machine music sequencer using one switch. Musical performances can be recorded and saved on-line with the help of an assistant.

 The Tony-B Machine is a basic on-line musical sequencer. It is normally controlled using the mouse and keyboard. Using the small free to download utility, 4Noah Tony-B Machine, it is possible to use the Left Mouse Click alone to effect random parts of the performed music sequence. Select “Machine 2” from the drop-down menu.

● Download 4Noah Tony-B Machine.

● Set your accessibility switch to trigger a left mouse click (see JoyToKey).

● Go on-line to then click on “START”.

● Optional: Press 6 to start a melody in action.

● Double-click on the 4Noah_Tony-B icon to start the one-switch utility.

● Click on the window to drag it into a convenient spot.

● Move your mouse pointer over the actual “Tony-B” machine.

● Press your switch to play!

N.B. If you minimize the 4Noah window, you presently must press the SPACE BAR to reinstate it.

The Tony-B Machine is the copyright of 2007, 2008.

The Public Domain 4Noah Tony-B Machine utility written by William Pilgrim in 2008.


There are even tutorials on the website:

I still did not understand.  Do you think this Grandma can use as an excuse that this seems to be a British website and the vocabulary is a little challenging?  I think not.  My SIX YEAR OLD granddaughter made beautiful music, saved it, and sent it to me.  This Grandma tried, but, with not so much proficiency.  Yes, I feel inadequate.  However, I think that the Tony-b Machine is best left for grandchildren and for grandchildren to teach Grandma how it’s done.  Grandchild teaching Grandma, hmmm.  Such fun!  Another way to share new experiences and experience Grandma





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