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Ice Cream Bread with Grandchildren

This Grandma is always looking for great and easy recipes to make with grandchildren.  On the internet, this Grandma found Ice Cream Bread, a combination of two favorites.  See Taste of Home. As always, Grandma can choose to make it many activities by making a list and going to the supermarket to buy the ingredients […]

Grandparenting Skills are a Gift

The Sun Sentinel on Sunday, June 30, 2013, had an article entitled, “Years Fade Away When Girl Learns About Life from her Grandfather.”  Of course, it caught this Grandma’s eye.  Lee Hill Kavanaugh writes about what Kathleen Hall-Meyer’s  ten year old daughter has gained by visiting her grandfather in his Senior Living Center once a […]

Bandaids as Grandparent Gifts

This Grandma is always looking for inexpensive gifts to bring to grandchildren when I visit.  One gift I found to be very welcome by parents and grandchildren alike are novelty band aids.  Parents hate to spend money for novelty band aids, which are more expensive than the plain tan band aids.  Children love novelty band […]

Grandma Says Join Fan Clubs

As a teenager, this Grandma did NOT join fan clubs.  After all, I wanted to be grown up and date college boys while in high school.  Joining fan clubs was so high school.  Now, this Grandma joins fan clubs.  When grandchildren were into the Wiggles, this Grandma joined the fan club to get early notification […]

Three Berry Focaccia: this Grandma loves that Grandchildren love Berries!

It seems that recipes that use fresh berries catch my eye.  My grandchildren love berries and love playing with berries.  After all, berries are just little balls and children love balls.  Berries are delicious and are great to expand children’s palates.  “Focaccia” is a great new word and a great way to expand vocabulary with […]

Summer Stain Solutions for Grandma

When we watch grandchildren in the summer, or year round in Florida, we have the most typical stains to figure out how to get out.  July 2013 Parents Magazine quotes Joli Kerr, author of a blog called AskACleanPerson, and advises us about summer stain solutions. My little grandson loves ice pops.  At two, he can […]

Making Music with Grandchildren with the Tony-b Machine

This Grandma thinks she is internet proficient.  However, when grandchildren hit the internet, they take it to a whole new dimension!  Our nearly ten year old grandson discovered the Tony-b Machine.  He loves writing songs, so, I guess, in his internet searches, he found this on-line musical synthesizer that supposedly makes making music easy.  However, […]

Grandma “Pushed to the Sidelines” Needs Grandma Lessons

Dear Abby, Miami Herald, June 19, 2013 seemed to put the onus on the parent of the grandchild-to-be to rescue the grandma who perceived she was pushed to the sidelines: Dear Abby:  My son married a sweet girl three years ago, and I thought we would become a close family.  I haven’t bothered them at […]

Grandchildren’s Magic Kingdom and New Fantasyland at Disneyworld in Orlando

As Floridian grandparents, Disney World is a great place for a multigenerational family vacation.  Our grandchildren have been there several times.  Our nearly seven year old granddaughter does not remember having been there two years ago.  Good to know.  But, in reality, when we take small grandchildren to Disney, it is more for us than […]

”Leaning In” to My Granddaughter

This Grandma did not have the privilege of knowing her grandparents, who were all killed before she was born. Knowing lots of Grandmas now, and always seeking grandma lessons from the grandmas I know, I am learning that I missed much more by not having grandparents in my life than I previously realized. I missed […]

This Grandma’s View on the“Top Five Regrets of the Dying”

My brother, who is single and has no children, other than this Grandma’s children by proxy, sent me the article called the “Top Five Regrets of the Dying.”  To be honest, I almost did not open it.  It came from another country and was published in 2012, over a year and a half ago!  Why […]

Grandma’s View: Is “Tummy Time” Still Needed?

When this Grandma’s children were babies, we were told to have the babies sleep on their stomachs so that if they vomited in their sleep they would not choke on the vomit. That changed when this Grandma’s grandchildren were babies, when we were told NOT to have babies sleep on their stomachs to prevent sudden […]

Grandma Augments the “Summer Shape-Up” Five Day Diet

This Grandma “forgot” her bathing suit when she visited her grandchildren last week. We never did take the grandchildren swimming. I really thought about this. Did my brain intentionally forget for me as I am concerned about putting on a bathing suit again? Contrary to what tourists do, locals in Florida usually do not swim […]

The Grandpa Difference and the Grandma Benefit

Grandpa and I are visiting our youngest grandchildren and watching them so their parents can have a weekend alone. It just so happens that a long (we don’t say old) friend has her two granddaughters for a visit at the same time. My friend bemoaned the lack of involvement of her husband, their grandpa. He […]

Grandma’s View on Working Mother’s Guilt

As a young mother, I worked full time.  This Grandma voluntarily chose to be a working professional at a time when it was not a popular choice for mothers.  There were many times when I came home from a long work day to see my daughters lost in the loving and nurturing arms of their […]

Child’s Developmental Milestones According to Grandma

My oldest daughter could not say the letter R until she was nearly five years old.  This was a major problem for me as her name began with R.  She pronounced R as “yeh.”  Every time someone asked her name, this Grandma worried.  I took her to a specialist when she was three.  The specialist […]