The Baby Business Boom

MW-BA145_smstro_20130308082103_MG“The Baby Business Boom,” is the name of an article in New York Magazine, June 3-10, 2013.  The author, Clint Rainey, tells us that from 2006 to 2012, there are 324,000 fewer births, equating to 3.2% less births, but spending on babies as gone up $9.2 billion, an increase of 32%.

He says that the size of the baby product industry in estimated 2013 sales, according to Packaged Facts Market Research, is $49,200,000,000!

Now here is where this Grandma thinks he and parenting experts he quotes are mistaken.  He says:

American births are at a 25 year low, but the baby business couldn’t be doing better.  One explanation, favored by parenting experts:  Having fewer kids later means Mom and Dad have more disposable income to spend on Junior.

Wrong.  Remember where all the wealth is.  It is with us Boomer Grandparents who have waited patiently while our children, yes, having children later, are keeping us waiting with our tongues  . . .and our wallets, hanging out!

A dear relative was asked by the parents to be to buy a $1,000 Bug A Boo stroller for the grandchild to be.  It was purchased in a heartbeat.  At least they did not ask for what Clint Rainey puts in his article:  A $3,000 limited release Aston Martin stroller!

And, of course, the newest “must have”  for a nursery is a chandelier, according to Rosie Pope, a expert designer of maternity wear, quoted by the author.  She says:

You can’t have a royal nursery without a chandelier.  Do not be restricted to just baby chandeliers.  Go big, go shiny, go opulent!

So, I checked Restoration Hardware Kids, the Rolls Royce of baby furniture.  Wow!  Starting $200 and going to $1000 for a baby’s room ceiling.

I guess the one I had purchased, more in line with Pottery Barn Kids starting at $69 at Pottery Barn kids is just not enough for 2013.

Clint Rainey mentions what he considers the best named baby accessories.  These are a hoot!

Baby Bangs: patent-pending combo of “Hair plus Headband”

Take a look and have a laugh at Baby Bangs.

Hooter Hiders: Breast-feeding apron that does as its name advertises:

What is so interesting is how highly these $34 aprons are rated on Amazon!

Booby Trapper:  Hooter Hiders’ competitor that also shades a stroller:

These are $48 at Booby Trapper.

Pretty Pushers: Chic alternative to unisex hospital gowns, in designs like “I Dream of Sushi:”

Now these are interesting hospital and delivery gowns at $25-30 each!  If I had a mom-to-be this would definitely be a purchase this Grandma would make.

Clint Rainey  does remind us that our children are having less children.  Therefore, we Grandmas can spend more on the less number of grandchildren we have.  Happy shopping with



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