Grandma’s Best Camp Package for 2013. . . .Or Best Anytime Gifts for Grandchildren

3159YtMaQiL._SX385_For the second year of summer camp, my grandchild has become more selective as to his camp package.  He actually requested items that other campers had received last year.  He definitely has my genes.  He collected wrappers from items other campers received in packages and gave them to me at the end of camp so I would know what to buy this year.  I kept them until now!  What a compulsive family!

These are the items he requested:    

Diablo Juggling by Duncan: Phoenix Diablo.  My grandson coveted this toy, a form of yo yo and, of course, this year, his request is my command.   Click here to buy for about $24.

Aerobie Pro.  Sprint Flying Ring.  So of course I got the large size and the small size.  Click here to buy for about $11.

 There are two new versions out this year and I bought BOTH!

  The Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang.   Click here to buy for about $9.

and the Aerobie Skylighter—lighted for night flying of the disc.   Click here  to buy for about $13. 

I bought versions of  these Aerobies for all my grandchildren, ages 2-9.

Of course, this Grandma did internet research for the best of the rest.  First stop was Toyportfolio which provided the ideas (platinum award winners preferred) for most of the rest of the camp package:

Spot It!  MLB Edition.  Last year I sent Spot It! which was an absolute hit.  This year there is a baseball edition that is brand new.  Even four and five year old can play with ease.   Click here to buy for about $13.50.

FyrFlyZ, We Own the Night!  Last year I sent FyrFly which was also an absolute hit.  This year there is a new version that says it creates amazing night light shows.   Click here  to buy for about $6.

Skyball Slammer.  Last year, I sent a Skyball which was such an absolute hit that I bought it for all grandchildren age 3 and up.   This year I sent the skyball with a slammer head to try to catch the ball when it bounces 35 feet in the air (it advertises 75 feet but even the strongest father could not get the skyball to fly higher than about 35 feet.  Click here to buy for $17. 

Take it or Leave it by Gamewright.  It is for 2-5 players and takes about 20 minutes.  Great for rest time in the bunk.   Says ages 8+.  Click here to buy for about $15.

Klutz juggling.  I always have to send one book, so I try to send one disguised.  This book is disguised as a juggling guide.  I love everything by Klutz.  Click here to buy for about $13.50.

Tilt by ThinkFun.  Single player maze game.   I find ThinkFun to be a great company with great educational value—and always an award winner!   Click here to buy for about $14.

Yomega high performance yo yo raider.  It seems yo yos are really “in” this year.  Click here to buy for about $12.

Flexi puzzle by Brainwright.  Brainwright is another great company with great challenging toys.  Four levels of difficulty. 80 puzzles to solve. Small and fits in a back pack.  Click here  for to buy for about $7.50.

Go Yanks! Baseball playing cards for the New York Yankees.  My grandson loves the Yankees, so I bought the Yankees version.  There are team baseball playing cards that sell for about $9.  Click here.

Hacky sack striker footbag. By Wham-o.  It is small and the directions say to kick your footbag as many times before it hits the ground.  It can be played alone or with others. Click hereto buy for about $6.

Mosquitno Spotzzz-  Okay, I am a sucker for safety items and this caught my eye to protect my precious grandson from mosquitoes.  Says it lasts for three days.  Click here  to buy for about $4.  Another version I bought too: Mosquitno Kids wrist bands—which says it lasts for six days. Click here  to buy for about $4.

Foster Grant Surge blue sunglasses.  I picked them up at the local drug store on sale.  Pick any you think your grandchild would like.

Last, but not least, my grandson requested a bag to hold all his stash.  I found a great black mesh one at the Container  Store for $6, my bargain purchase!  It comes in lots of colors.  Click here.

So, did this Grandma go overboard AGAIN this year?  I cannot answer that question honestly because I intentionally try to go overboard every year.  You may have to check the 2012 best camp package post for yourself!

I know that I probably had more fun buying for my grandson than he will have playing with what I selected for him.  I cannot wait for him to open his package and experience



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