Grandma Lessons Create Grandchild Heaven

Grandma Lessons Create Grandchild HeavenMy younger daughter called to relate a cute story about my two year old grandson.  Soon after a Florida visit, when my daughter picked my grandson up from daycare, she told him they were on their way home.  He said no.  As a two year old, no is the most common word he uses.  She said he then said, no home, go to Mema’s house.

Yippee!  He has been Mema-ized!  My last baby grandchild has been Mema-ized!

When my eldest grandson was a preschooler, my son-in-law coined this phrase to describe the Mema effect on my grandchildren after my grandson cried for me for two and one half hours of their airplane flight home after a visit.  He would not stop crying until he could talk to me and I promised he would see me again soon.

Why do I consider this success as a Grandma?  I think it is because I think that all of the Grandma lessons I learned work to make Grandma’s home a place that is grandchild heaven.  Our home is filled with unconditional love, security and FUN.  Parents typically preoccupied and stressed are relaxed as we try to make their stay wonderful as well.  Parents and grandparents are involved, active, and grandchild centric.  The grandchildren are the center of the universe, surrounded by 24/7 attention.  Every grandchild’s every desire and every request is met, as much as we can.

Each of our grandchildren has told us and others that Florida at their grandparents’ home is their favorite place on earth.  We have a photograph of a preschool project completed by our middle grandson showing us and he at the pool in Florida as his favorite place.  Of course, this is prominently displayed in our house.

I reread the earliest posts in the archives to remind me of previous tips of wisdom I have received from my Grandma friends.  I remember to never say no.  I remember pizza for breakfast. I remember dessert first.

Please keep your ideas coming.  We love to hear our subscriber ideas for Grandma Lessons.

Thank you all for your Grandma Lessons that bring my grandchildren and me such





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