In the Bag for Father’s Day

Adventure Duffle, Extra-LargeEvery year fathers get lots of things they do not need.  Something that is always useful is a new duffle or suitcase.  Here are this Grandma’s favorites:

Best All Around

Adventure Duffle.  LLBean makes the absolute best duffle in all different sizes and colors, even monogrammable, starting at $34.95 up to an extra large rolling duffle at $109.95.  Let the child pick one for Dad at LLBean.

Right now some of them are on sale!

Space Saving

There is so much new technology around.  Now there is new technology in luggage!  Wheeled collapsible bags that are space saving and fold to less than six inches!  Great for travel, especially cruises, as these can fit under a bed anywhere, including home.  You can find different sizes and varieties by Road Warrior at Amazon:

Tumi is top end

The most beautiful and durable are also the most expensive.  Take a look.

Tumi is sold at many of our outlet malls at a steep discount, especially for what Tumi calls seconds, but defects are difficult to find.  Tumi stands behind its products forever.  We have repaired and replaced luggage purchased twenty years ago and Tumi has stood behind every piece.   With Tumi, you have purchased luggage that lasts a lifetime.

So forget the new tie this year and put Dad in a new bag with



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