Is it Appropriate for a Two Year Old?

two year oldDid you ever think you could ask a question and get many immediate answers? I forget how amazing the Internet is until I ask a question such as is —–appropriate for a two year old—and immediately have several responses.

We are watching our grandchildren by ourselves for a weekend at their house. Of course, we want to make the weekend exciting for the five year old and two year old. The zoo and the pandas are a definite for one day for both grandchildren.

For our second day, the five year old can go many places.  By researching on the internet, Grandpa and this Grandma found out:

Six Flags –not for a two year old.

Busch Gardens–not much for a two year old.

Then again, reviewers said that there is not much appropriate for a two year old.  Then, I remembered.  Taking a two year old anywhere is a nightmare.  We will probably be exhausted after the first day.  My next search: parks and outdoor playgrounds appropriate for a two year old.





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