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The Baby Business Boom

“The Baby Business Boom,” is the name of an article in New York Magazine, June 3-10, 2013.  The author, Clint Rainey, tells us that from 2006 to 2012, there are 324,000 fewer births, equating to 3.2% less births, but spending on babies as gone up $9.2 billion, an increase of 32%. He says that the […]

What’s Now is Not for this Grandma

I am a great fan of In Style Magazine.  A long (we don’t say old) friend gave me a subscription years ago for my birthday.  She was surprised I did not know about the magazine.  I think she wanted me to be more up to date than I am.  I guess only wearing black clothing, […]

Hunting for Treasure with Grandchildren

Our grandchildren know that when this Grandma visits, this Grandma brings presents.  Sometimes when I am able to arrive before the grandchildren come home from school or camp, I will hide the presents and small M & M packets (my candy of choice for them to associate with me) around the house.  When they come […]

Grandma’s Best Camp Package for 2013. . . .Or Best Anytime Gifts for Grandchildren

For the second year of summer camp, my grandchild has become more selective as to his camp package.  He actually requested items that other campers had received last year.  He definitely has my genes.  He collected wrappers from items other campers received in packages and gave them to me at the end of camp so […]

Thank You, Steve Jobs

Within the last two days, I have watched my youngest grandson swim in his bathtub, I have kept my oldest grandson company in the car on his way home from swim practice, I have watched TV with my granddaughter, and I have seen the new clothes I purchased on line for my middle grandson (he […]

Sunscreens by Consumer Reports

When I was raising children and fixing up a house, Consumer Reports was an invaluable resource. I always was a member.  As soon as I had grandchildren, all of a sudden Consumer Reports became extremely relevant again.  My children were raising children and fixing up their homes.  I kept my membership.  You might consider getting […]

Grandma’s View on I Pad Toilet Training

My Mother prided herself on the fact that she toilet trained me at six months.  I never really believed her until I toilet trained my children.  Then I realized that my mother was toilet trained.  She knew when to put me on the potty and did.  Apparently, I must have been like my youngest grandson […]

Grandma Lessons Create Grandchild Heaven

My younger daughter called to relate a cute story about my two year old grandson.  Soon after a Florida visit, when my daughter picked my grandson up from daycare, she told him they were on their way home.  He said no.  As a two year old, no is the most common word he uses.  She […]

Boomer Grandmas–How We are a Force to be Reckoned With

77 million people were born between 1946 and 1964, which is defined as the baby boomer era (U.S. Census).  The first baby boomer turned 65 on January 1, 2011.  An American turns 50 every 7 seconds—that is more than 12, 500 people every day (U.S. Census). The senior age group is now, for the first […]

Apps for Babies Brought to Us by Fisher Price

In the New York Times, May 2, 2013, in the Gadgetwise column, “Baby Toys Get an App Extension,” author Warren Buckleitner reviews a new toy and gives a great idea on adaptation of what may already be in the house for baby: As more of the very young reach for their parents’ smart phones, toy […]

In the Bag for Father’s Day

Every year fathers get lots of things they do not need.  Something that is always useful is a new duffle or suitcase.  Here are this Grandma’s favorites: Best All Around Adventure Duffle.  LLBean makes the absolute best duffle in all different sizes and colors, even monogrammable, starting at $34.95 up to an extra large rolling […]

Father’s Day Gifts to Make in Advance

Each year, as every year, this Grandma has tried to think of projects she can do with the grandchildren on a visit which will also create Father’s Day gifts for their fathers. When the grandchild is very little, I take a 81/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper and write “Happy Father’s Day 201__”, place the […]

Grandma’s Recommendation: Add Exposure to New Experiences to The Power of Talking to Baby

“The Power of Talking to Baby,” is the title of an article in the New York Times, Sunday, April 14, 2013 by Tina Rosenberg.  Her thesis is that “rich children hear more words than poor ones, and it matters.”  It seems that richer, more educated parents talk more to their children than poorer less educated […]

Angry Birds, Kennedy Space Center and Flying into Orlando Airport with Grandchildren

Granted, Orlando is the destination for Disney and Universal.  We seem to forget that only 44 miles and 50 minutes east of Orlando Airport is the Kennedy Space Center for an educational side trip, with now the newly added attraction of “Angry Birds Space Encounter.”  It is advertised as appropriate for all ages. Directions to […]

Is it Appropriate for a Two Year Old?

Did you ever think you could ask a question and get many immediate answers? I forget how amazing the Internet is until I ask a question such as is —–appropriate for a two year old—and immediately have several responses. We are watching our grandchildren by ourselves for a weekend at their house. Of course, we […]

Grandma’s View on Promoting Intimacy and Love

This Grandma believes the best thing we can do for our grandchildren is to promote a strong and loving relationship between their parents. Of course, we are also role models of a strong relationship, but most important is the strength of the intimacy and love between their parents. After all, there are enough studies that […]