Grandma’s Best Resource for Gifts for Grandchildren: Best toys, Best Books, Best Videos, Best Audio

Oppenheimer Toy Award WinnersToday, I had lunch with a dear friend with eight grandchildren ranging from just under three to teenagers.  We were talking about gift selection.  She said she spends hours and hours researching the best toys, best books, best videos, and best audio.  I said I found the ONE place where the best toys, best books, best videos, and best audio, have been researched already and they test them on real children!  I have found that this resource is accurate and most helpful.  Everything I have purchased upon their recommendation is what my grandchildren play with the most and most often.

Take a look.  These are the Oppenheimer Toy Award Winners.  Here is what they say on the website:

Educator, parent & kid testing goes into each product considered for an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award. We don’t accept ads or charge “review fees” from manufacturers or publishers, so you know you’re always getting independent opinions. We have awards for the best toys, books, videos, and audio for kids.

You can go right to the top center of the website, to “Current Award Recipients,” and go right to Platinum award winners in the category you want.  Or on the left side of the website is a menu by age.  There are many sub categories for each age group.  Always look for platinum award winners first, but I have found that all the toys recommended with at least three stars or higher are wonderful.

There are links directly to  This is a great resource connection for those who want an easy immediate purchase.  Sometimes older award winning toys require a little google research to locate.  If it is a platinum award winner, it is clearly worth the effort.

Happy shopping for grandchildren gifts from this shopping Grandma who looks for the best resources for grandchild gift giving with




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