Personalized Baby Gift Ideas for the Third Child Born in the Family

Personalized baby giftsA dear friend has a new granddaughter.  She is the fifth granddaughter in the family.  One thing is sure.  This adorable newborn does not need clothes!  Even culling from five previous girls, even if you like very little, even if only a little bit is in great condition, this adorable newborn does not need clothes.

This Grandma went on a hunt for a great baby gift.

I decided what this little one could not inherit from the other granddaughters was something personalized.

Of course, Pottery Barn Kids has many choices. Here is their entire personalization site.

 I chose the anywhere chair.  It comes in so many styles and colors.  Click here to see it.  

Sure enough, she already received one.

I went to a great website with unusual and great choices.  They have big sister, big brother, little sister, little brother tee shirts and onesies and more: Click here to see them.

Just when I was about to order, my daughter called.  As I told her what I was about to order, she said stop.  There is just the best personalized gifts for a newborn on a website that had bibs, burp clothes, towels, robes, blankets and more.  You can design your own.

Yes, this website is the hit!

So, I am busy ordering in pink and hot pick for this newborn.  Even the fifth granddaughter in a family deserves pink and something her very own to use with



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