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Grandma’s favorite websites for gifts for grandchildren

I have so many websites I love for different reasons when buying gifts for grandchildren.  Two websites stand out from the rest. is my first source for any gift for a grandchild.  Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Awards review toys, books, audio and videos by age group, starting at infant.  Educator, parent and kid testing goes […]

Child’s Developmental Milestones According to Grandma

My oldest daughter could not say the letter R until she was nearly five years old.  This was a major problem for me as her name began with R.  She pronounced R as “yeh.”  Every time someone asked her name, I worried.  I took her to a specialist when she was three.  The specialist was […]

Pizza for Breakfast and Dessert First

Parents worry about what their children eat. Parents worry about how much their children eat. Food is a family issue and family topic and many times, a family dispute.  Food was a family dispute at our house when our children were growing up. Our youngest daughter would only eat McDonald’s hamburgers plain (no mustard, ketchup or pickles) and […]

My Mother-in-law, the Star

Our GG is eighty eight years old.   GG stands for great grandmother and is the absolute best name as the great grandchild can say GG at an early age and it makes our great grandmothers beam.  I actually thought GG was already eighty nine years old.  GG  is really easy going about everything.  That […]