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Never Say No Number 2

I believe it is not my job as a grandma to discipline my grandchildren.  Remember, all joy and no responsibility when it comes to grandchildren is my mantra. I have a rule.  I will only say no to a grandchild when it is a matter of health and safety.  If a grandchild is about to […]

The Grandma on the Floor

One of the absolute best tips I received was to always be the grandma on the floor.  Of course, I asked what that meant.  My friend explained that to really connect with your grandchild, you really have to spend all your time on the floor–at their level. I have spent hours and hours on the […]

Grandma’s best care package to camp

Our oldest grandson is going to sleep away camp for the first time.  This means a mission to create the best care package to send to camp. First, though, is finding interesting cards, postcards, and letters so the camper gets something in the mail each day.  I love the internet.  You can buy cards, personalize […]